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Portland and Sunriver, Oregon USA


Richard (Dick) Luebke

Dick has a B.S. In Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, and an M.S. in Engineering from Arizona State University. He was a member of Intel’s 8086 software engineering team, and worked on software projects for Tandem Computers (now HP), Apple and Oracle. 

Dick’s focus at Rare Comet has been on upgrading local infrastructure in the telecommunications, hospitality and electrical distribution industries.

He has been an advocate of local solutions for fiber broadband, working with municipalities and rural electric cooperatives to help them advocate with incumbents for fiber-based services, and if necessary to assist them in evaluating building and operating their own networks.  He also works with the hospitality industry to advocate for high speed broadband at hotel properties.

Dick has owned hybrid electric and battery electric vehicles since 2007 and has been assisting electric cooperatives and hospitality industry members in procuring and installing electric vehicle charging equipment.


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Dan Lulich: Dan’s 30-year plus career has been focused on various aspects of corporate security, consumer safety, and national defense. He is recognized as an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies in which he holds several patents.


Dan spent the previous decade as the CTO of Eleven Software Inc.  At Eleven,  Dan was responsible for all aspects of the delivery of a SaaS platform to provide central authentication and network management solutions to the Hospitality Industry.

Prior to joining Eleven, Dan was responsible for the technology strategy and development for fraud detection leader iovation Inc.

Previously, Dan was the Executive Director of Safety, Security and Privacy at AOL, a division of Time Warner. At AOL, Dan led member safety technology initiatives including anti-virus, firewall, parental controls, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and anti-phishing.

Dan has held senior executive positions for safety and security industry leaders including RuleSpace and WholeSecurity (now Symantec). He has also served as CTO for defense solution providers NITEK and Adaptive Solutions Inc.




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Established in 1990, Lightspeed is dedicated to making a remarkable difference for teachers and students by creating Access to power in-the-moment insights into the learning process. Lightspeed defines itself as a learning company because it continues to find new ways to create access to learning by studying the dynamics of the classroom.



OpConnect is an open-standards, cloud-based software platform that manages, monetizes and leverages EV charging stations so that they can provide the maximum benefit to the electric grid and lower costs to EV drivers.  Opconnect's vision  is an EV charging ecosystem where Utilities are in direct control of the energy delivery to the EVs, own the relationship with the ratepayer through utility branded web portals and mobile aps and do not have charging network providers between them and their customers.



Cozera is developing the next-generation digital identity infrastructure to address the increasing number of thefts of our on-line identities.  Using Blockchain technology, Cozera will  give control of digital identities back to users take them out of the hands of those services unable to protect them.    Simultaneously, user's digital identities will be fortified with strong encryption and biometrics.  Cozera's vision is a single, persistent, and trusted digital id for all of us.